YouTube is the second largest search engine. (Source: Forbes ) It’s only losing this battle with the overall leader Google.


Google shows YouTube videos in their search results.

What does this mean?

This means that your business has a much larger chance to be shown to people searching the internet when you leverage YouTube to spread your message.

The world is addicted to video

92% of internet users watch some kind of video content online each week.

TikTok exploded in popularity in a very short time. Instagram stories and reels have been popular for years and continue to grow. Facebook prioritized videos as their promoted form of news feed content. This all proves that people are relying on video as their preferred source of information. Images and text aren’t enough to keep the attention of persistently scrolling users while they finger-swipe through their news feeds on various apps on their smartphones.

90% of users say they discover new companies or products on YouTube.

To capitalize on the trend, businesses like yours need to keep up. Video isn’t optional when promoting your your business anymore; it’s a requirement. Rather than just throwing out scheduled image posts… or worse, text posts… and getting lost in the blur of pixels that scroll by on your target customer’s phones; grab their attention with truly valuable video content.

Your customers want more video from YOU

Ok, ok… they didn’t actually tell me that. BUT… statistically their behavior has shown us that this is true.

70% of people have bought a product after seeing it on YouTube.
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No matter how much we hate ads when watching our streaming content the fact is that… ads work. They keep you in your customer’s mind and if seen enough times… persuade a purchase. Marketing your small business is hard… if you’re not taking every advantage you can to get your name, products, and services out there then you run the risk of losing business by simply not being seen.