Take a moment to watch the Under Armour advertisement featured above…

Self-improvement requires determination. If you want to capitalize on this motive, show them something to be determined about.

Every athlete that has picked up a ball, helmet, or any piece of sporting equipment has one thing in common…

Passion for the Game

They work tirelessly to improve their performance and knowledge to obtain the slightest advantage over their competition.

Athletes practice and research more than they actually compete.

Athletes want to master their craft.

As a business owner, you should be the same!

…YOU MUST passion.

…YOU MUST work tirelessly to improve your knowledge and performance in the vast world of online marketing.

…YOU MUST watch videos.

…YOU MUST read books.

…YOU MUST become better-and-better at marketing and advertising strategies.

YOU MUST master marketing.

Every business owner knows how difficult it can be to attract new customers. You can spend hours crafting the perfect product and designing an eye-catching website, but if no one knows you exist, it's all for nothing.

Every athlete’s dream is to become one of the GOATs. For the uninitiated, “GOAT” stands for Greatest Of All Time.

Under Armour’s ad plays on a few different emotions. First is establishes authority. Interestingly not for their own company, but for the message. They establish authority by introducing Tom Brady who, whether you like him or not, has proven himself to be one of the greatest NFL quarter backs of all time.

Tom has a letter that he wants to send to athletes. His letter implores the reader, who we are athletes of all ages, to never compare themselves to him or any other public figure to become one of the greatest. He tells them to just look in the mirror and be better than the person staring back. Compete only with yourself.

The script then establishes aspiration by acknowledging the athlete’s hard work and determination to be the best and dangles the reward of “they won’t even see you coming.” The motivation that all of their hard earned skills and prowess on the field will take the leagues by surprise because they’ve done such amazing work and preparation.

Bonus points for using the iconic voiceover talents of Morgan Freeman. His voice can be the backing track to literally anything and make it sound motivating.

Using aspiration is an uplifting motivator, unlike fear. Using uplifting motivators is easier because you’re giving power to your customer. You’re giving them self-confidence knowing that you are solving a problem in their life to such a high level that they can become a better version of themselves.

When selling to a buyer motivated by aspiration, target the emotions of what could be if they buy from you.

…How could their life be easier?

…How could they have more time?

…How could they be more successful?

…How could they be happier?

Your Challenge

How can your business benefit by targeting aspiration? How can you change your ads to target your buyer that is motivated by aspiration?

Need a Little Guidance?

Targeting Buyer Motivations


It's important that you take the time to understand the underlying buying motivations that will influence your customer. If you have a grasp on why they're considering buying, you can better understand how to approach them. In this exercise you will take one of your products and explore how you can target a specific buyer motivation in your ads.

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