When you put in the extra work creating advertising that truly connects with your customer you’ll get more likes, shares, and those coveted referrals that you’re looking for. Creating content that truly connects with your customer is actually quite simple. It starts with a fundamental change in the way that you think about your marketing.

Create content for your customer and not just targeting your customer

Here’s a story to show how to create content that’s for your customer

You own a pizza shop and you (of course) want to create a successful advertising campaign.

So you start a "how to make the best homemade pizza" video series.

In this campaign you teach your customer a simple way to create delicious pizza crust... amazing sauce... and you even give them that coveted tip of mixing provolone and mozzarella together.

You also throw a tiny bit at the end and simply say, "I hope you love this recipe and if any evenings arise where you just don't feel like cooking or you just don't have time... order from us!"

The end… That’s your campaign. This campaign could be a single video or even a few videos. You share it online and let it work it’s magic.

This approach is important for a few reasons. It’s re-watchable. It’s shareable. But most importantly… it provides value to the viewer.

You may be asking, “why would I, as a imaginary pizza shop owner, want to teach people how to make the very product that I deliver to them?” That’s and easy answer AND it applies to essentialy all business marketing. Your customers… no matter how much they love your business… can’t order from you 100% of the time. BUT… using this strategy, the next time they want pizza (or your product… service… etc) and they don’t feel like cooking… who do you think is on their mind to place an order with? Yep, YOU!

On the other side, when you create content that is targeted at your customer it provides no other value than simply informing them about your business. It’s easily recognizable as advertising and in most cases, gets scrolled by… no one hits like… no one engages. The ad fails.

Shareable, engaging, valuable content is something that solves a problem or enriches your customer’s day.

You can create brand value for customers by offering free content on your website that is useful and relevant. This can enhance your brand's credibility and grow your reputation. Original content, such as blog posts and helpful articles, can help educate your customers and provide them with valuable information.

So next time you post on social media… challenge yourself to make a post that is for your customer and not just targeted at them.