Sit back and imagine for a moment...

You've just had your typical busy day filled with meetings. As you arrive home feeling a bit drained you grab your favorite beverage from the fridge, kick off your shoes, and plop down in "your" spot on the couch.

As you take your first sip, you open [insert your favorite social media platform here] and start scrolling in order to switch off for a little bit. [Pause the fantasy here]

While you're scrolling... how quickly are you able to spot an advertisement and skip right by it?

If I had to guess... I'd guess pretty quickly.

Now... Think about that scenario... then think about your business' ads. Are your posts the kind that make you stop and watch? Or are they the ones that you completely ignore and scroll right by?

Let's imagine another scenario...

A few weeks ago... during one of these switched off sessions, you stumbled on a post from a local company that caught your interest. You read/watched/reacted to the post and moved on.

Ah, but the algorithm never forgets so it's been feeding you a string of this same local company's content on repeat.

Over time you notice that they post the same exact content... again... and again. Same messaging and often, even worse, the exact same content.

Naturally, you get sick of seeing it. You unfollow to hide their posts and never see them again.

Let's think about that scenario and compare it to your business' posts. Are you the business that got unfollowed and muted to never be seen again because your ads didn't provide any value?

This is a very... very common occurrence.

Like most business owners it's not completely your fault... you are so busy running your day-to-day business that social media posts get low effort, scheduled ahead of time, "please consider us" images. I'm sure that it feels like you're invisible on social media and your efforts are not rewarded. I'm sure that, if you had the time, you could craft social media posts that actually grow your business.

That's where I come in!

You already have all of the answers to build an amazing social media presence. You're just overwhelmed and not asking yourself the right questions. Let me take over the planning, production, and execution of a social media strategy that we craft specifically for your business.

We'll start with a discovery session and do a deep dive into understanding your customers' purchase motivations. Your new content strategy will target those specific motivations so that you can achieve maximum conversion for our efforts in your social media circle.

Working together I can ask the right questions and generate the right content that truly provides value. We will mix entertainment with advertising to keep your prospect watching and generate content that isn't instantly recognizable as an advertisement or promotion.

We will analyze the real-time data for all of the campaigns and make adjustments as we see fit to make the plan of attack more-and-more effective over time.

Together we will build you a strong social media marketing plan.